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Valence Surface Technologies is a leading company that provides surface finishing solutions to the aerospace, defense, and technology industries. Founded in 1958 and headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, Valence has more than 1,000 employees and operates facilities in several locations in North America.

Valence Surface Technologies is recognized for its excellence in providing high-quality surface finishing solutions that meet the unique needs of its clients. The company has extensive experience in Electroless Nickel Plating (ENP), a process that involves the deposition of a layer of nickel onto a metal or plastic substrate, without the use of an external electrical current.

ENP is an essential surface finishing process used in many applications, including corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and solderability. Valence has developed advanced ENP capabilities that enable it to offer a range of specialized services to meet the needs of its customers.

One of Valence's key strengths is its ability to handle complex geometries and high-volume production. The company's ENP process is designed to deliver a uniform coating that conforms to the most intricate shapes and designs. Valence can process large volumes of parts with short lead times, making it a preferred partner for many customers.

Valence Surface Technologies has invested heavily in research and development to improve its ENP processes continually. The company has developed proprietary formulations and processes that deliver superior performance in harsh environments. Valence has also developed specialized techniques that enable it to deposit ENP coatings on plastics, ceramics, and other non-metallic substrates.

Valence's commitment to quality is reflected in its numerous certifications, including AS9100D and Nadcap accreditation. The company's quality management system is designed to meet the rigorous standards of the aerospace and defense industries, ensuring that its ENP coatings meet or exceed the most demanding specifications.

In addition to its ENP capabilities, Valence offers a range of other surface finishing services, including anodizing, chromate conversion coating, and passivation. The company's expertise in these processes enables it to provide a comprehensive solution to its customers' surface finishing needs.

In conclusion, Valence Surface Technologies is a world-class provider of surface finishing solutions, with a particular focus on Electroless Nickel Plating. The company's advanced capabilities, commitment to quality, and expertise in handling complex geometries and high-volume production make it a preferred partner for many customers. With a customer-centric approach and a continuous investment in research and development, Valence Surface Technologies is well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of its customers and remain a leader in the surface finishing industry.

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